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Casino Partners


Casino Partners

Casino Partners offer a varied selection of the top, most reputable on-line casino brands in Europe. It has never been, as important as it is now, to invest in European markets and Euro partners usually recognize that there aren't any two partners that are the same in every way. These partners usually help with selecting the appropriate brands that are the best in the market. What’s important, they have knowledge and tools needed in order to succeed. Apart from creating initial conversation, they also help by maximizing recurring revenues by offering to partners specific support (for example language support, VIP staff or CRM to look after one's players).

Some of the casinos partners include Casino Tropez which was launched in the year 2002. Today this brand is well recognized and respected in each major market. It is a flagship client that has been established by the leading Playtech network. So as to ensure that it is still a market leader, it takes advantage from receiving the latest and the newest technologies, features and games before any other different Playtech casino. Personal Account Manager (who is usually assigned to this partners) provides them with everything they need.

There is also the Europa Casino which is one of the most popular in the Europe. The extremely intense offline promotion that is in Europe helped with establishing this casino among the top trusted brands in Germany, Spain and Italy. Moreover, Europa Casino is usually optimized on a regular basis. Everything for retain present and to attract new, biggest European on-line gamblers.

There is also a Titan Casino which has joined this successful ranks most recently. With equal strength to Titan Poker, Titan Casino brings a good cutting-edge and fresh experience. Players get astounded by the $4000 sign-up bonuses which greets them at the very beginning.

Vegas Red are also a well-known casino partners and now they are becoming the world's most famous casino brand. Vegas Red evokes 'Sin City' excitement and its great ambiance is very appealing in South and Central American markets. They have an $888 bonus which is given as a welcome and this surely gets everybody's attention. They have a great atmosphere which causes that players are coming back for more over and over again.

Casino Bellini are also among the most well-known casino partners and they were especially designed for the casinos players who love clean, modern, classy and fun environment. The casino is offering 100% match bonus that can convert visitors into actual money players. Casino support staff has a vast expertise when it comes to helping players – they are not only very friendly, they also pay a lot of attention to help players earn some good money.

Name Casino Partners
Software Playtech
Revenue Share 25% - 40%
Pay Per Player $75 - $125
Multi Tier 2%
Payment Methods Bank Draft, Neteller, Wire Transfer
Contact support [AT]

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