Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe Investing on Martha’s Vineyard

Landscape of Martha

Martha’s Vineyard [Wikipedia] is a Massachusetts island getaway known for its summery charm, affluence, and the famous political and cultural icons who spend time there. Actress Meg Ryan calls the island home. President Barack Obama vacations on the “Vineyard” regularly, as does the family of former President Bill Clinton. Famous personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Reese […]

PayPal May Become a Viable Payment Option Soon

Paypal could be a new online payment method in US

Just about everyone has heard of PayPal, the digital e-wallet founded in 1998 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. Since its inception, PayPal’s popularity has spread like wildfire across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people use the online service to make digital financial transactions every day. In the US, however, PayPal […]

Revel: The Casino Nobody Wants

Revel on ceasing operations (August 12, 2014)

The New Jersey gambling landscape has suffered many hardships lately, and after the case of the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, Revel is the latest casualty. Officials had their fingers crossed that the bankrupt facility would get purchased at auction this summer, but to no avail. Nobody wanted to buy Revel, and now it’s going […]

More Gambling Opportunities in Russia: a Sign of the Times

The four Russian gambling territories

Five years ago, gambling was banned in all but four of Russia’s territories: Kaliningrad, the Black Sea shore, the Altai Territory, and the area near Vladivostok. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stood behind the ban, citing increased addiction and a link between Moscow gambling and organized Georgian crime as one of the main reasons for it […]

US land-based casinos who refuse to pay winnings

Gulf Stream Park logo

It’s a common occurrence for casino patrons to win jackpots. Sometimes it’s a $5 jackpot. Sometimes it’s a $500,000 jackpot. Sometimes the jackpot isn’t cash at all, but a coveted prize like a shiny new automobile. Recent news finds several U.S. casinos denying their patrons the jackpots/prizes they claim they are owed. This summer, a […]

RGEW Focuses on ‘Getting to Know’ Gamblers

Responsible Gaming Education Week, 2014

Responsible Gaming Education Week, or RGEW, is held the first full week of every August. The tradition began back in 1998 when the American Gaming Association, or AGA, decided to sponsor an annual, week-long awareness program to help educate people about the perils of problem gambling. Education is a critical component in the prevention of […]

Democrats and Republicans stand on both sides of online gambling fence

Republicans and Democrats - Opponents and pro-legalization

When it comes to the legalization of online gambling in America, there are both Republicans and Democrats who oppose it. There are also Republicans and Democrats who support it. Indeed, the issue of legalizing U.S. online gambling is a controversial one, and it’s difficult to predict who will support or reject the cause based on […]

Latest Updates about 2 European’s Sportsbook giants


Europeans enjoy a gambling luxury that most Americans do not: the online sports book. For years, gamblers “across the pond” have legally wagered cash on everything from rugby matches to sumo wrestling tournaments to the next American presidential race. Just as the American gambling industry continues to live in a state of flux, the European […]

Another New Jersey Casino Closure: What’s Next?

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino

Casino workers at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City got some bad news this July: Their employer will be closing its business doors in a few months. On September 16, the Trump Entertainment Resorts property, founded by Donald Trump himself, will become the latest in a series of closures in the once-thriving New Jersey city. […]

Casino Ship Escapade got Stuck off the Georgia Coast

The chimney of the boat Escapade

On July 15, a casino cruise ship got stuck on a sand bar off the Georgia coast in the US, stranding 96 guests and 27 crew members. The 5-hour tour was to be the maiden voyage for a brand new ship called the Escapade. Instead, the excursion turned into a 16-hour nail-biter, according to stranded […]

Unexpected revenues penalize online gambling in Delaware

Online Gaming Monthly Statewide and National Data Center for Gaming Research, June 2014

A little over a year ago, the state of Delaware set a goal for itself: Within its first year of legalized online gambling, it would bring in a revenue of $5 million. Sadly, that goal has not been reached. A recent report from the Washington Post indicated that Delaware earned a revenue of only $1.2 […]

SkyCity casino officials insensitive with a cancer patient

Mrs. Bridget Wheeler

Some casinos have dress codes which they whole-heartedly enforce. An Australian woman recovering from breast cancer found that out the hard way when she recently tried to enter a casino with a hat on her head. The woman wore the hat because she is currently undergoing chemotherapy and does not have any hair. At the […]

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