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Basics of Gambling

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Is Online Gambling Safe?
There are innumerable casinos running out there. Many of them are operated by some reputed groups in the industry and are quite credible. But, as most of these casinos are being run from some remote places by unknown persons, odds are equally on their moves. You can not rely on each and every casino that you come across online. There are more cases of frauds and plundering than fair deals. Many of the dishonest casino owners use software that they can manipulate in their own interest and often dupe people of their hard earned money. It doesn’t mean that you should not play online games but make sure that you are putting your money in right hands.

What are the precautions?
When you do not know what might happen with you there. Play safe is the mantra to stay protected. What you can do to protect yourself against all these odds is:

  • Avoid making big deposits or withdrawals initially.
  • Try to identify some casinos with good reputation only. You can know this by going through other players’ feedback and comments about any particular casino. There are many Online Casino Review web sites to serve the purpose.

Which Payment Gateway Should I Use To Deposit or Withdraw Money from my online Casino:
Most of the banks have restricted their credit cards to be used for gambling purpose. In this case there are some free payment gateways like Click2pay and Neteller which can handle gambling deposits and withdrawals through credit cards, too. These payment service providers can execute an electronic transfer from your savings or checking account without credit card fees. You can even deposit a big amount to these accounts and then transfer to your casino in chunks.

How to Withdraw Money from Your Casino Account?
You should consult all the withdrawal guidelines and instructions that your casino and payment service providers have put forth. There might be some charges on withdrawals. Charges may even be a little more than what you think reasonable to pay. If you are not in hurry of getting your winnings instantly in your account, just ask the casino to send you a check. It is almost always free everywhere.

Gambling Software Download:
People, with slow internet connection, often feel problem in downloading online casino software on their PCs. A viable solution to this problem can be downloading software at low-traffic hours and when you, too, have sufficient time to sit along. It may take approx an hour, with a slow connection, to download casino software. The process is as simple as downloading any other files from the net.

Why Gamble?
Every one plays it for the sake of excitement, entertainment and in anticipation of hitting the jackpot. Some professional gamblers do play it as a profession. Losses are more common than winnings, though. Some also take it as a better way of entertainment than spending money on something else because you can start gambling with a little amount and, of course, there are chances of hitting the jackpot. However, it is recommended that one who has strong self-control should only indulge in this luxury of this entertainment. For those, who can manage it responsibly, it is, of course, a cheap way of entertainment. A blackjack, craps, roulette or baccarat round [AT]$5 a bet may cost as little as $8 per hour. A movie costs more than that. It must not turn into a compulsive gambling addiction, or it is a lot better not to start at all.

Here are some ways to keep your losses less:

  • Choose a game with better odds like blackjack, baccarat, craps or video poker.
  • Do not play blindly, have a good strategy in hand.
  • Keep away from notorious looters including slot machines.
  • Start small and keep slow. A small budget with planned strategies can last longer than a hefty amount played blindly.
  • No risk no gain. It is true with gambling too. Just keep aside an amount losing which will not hurt you, your family and your finances and rotate the transactions within.
  • Have a clear understanding of probable losses and assessment of your capacity to bear it.

The Odds & The Evens of Gambling:
This is not a game of luck at all. It’s a game of odds and evens. The owners earn because they have some better odds stacked in their favor than the player. More players mean more profit to the casinos. No casino runs it to pay from its pocket, of course. So is true with players too. If everyone is going to lose then no one would play at all. It is the combinations of odds and evens that make it exciting. For example, in roulette, there are total 38 slots including 18 red, 18 black and 2 green slots. If you bet some amount on red slot your chances of winning are 18/38 i.e. 47.4% and you owners’ proposition is 52.6%. The difference between these two numbers is the house edge, average that a casino earns in a bet i.e. 52.6-47.4 = 5.2%. Each game has a different house edge. Blackjack has around 0.5% house edge while slots have an edge around 5 to 13%. If you want to play safe, choose the best game, bet small and go slow. But this all calculation will work only when you play with proper strategy.

Betting System:
A betting system is a specific plan that you prepare on the basis of some primary wins and losses. It is better to understand the game but always keep in mind that no betting system can work for ever. An intelligent betting system, though, may help you win in the short term and reduce your losses. For example if you are playing Martingale you have to double your bet every time you lose. If you start with $5 and keep doubling it until you win, you would show a profit of $5. But what if you do not have money or mood to multiply the bet and wish to leave in between, with losses.

A well planned player would rather increase his/her bet by 50% every time s/he wins. For example if you win a bet of $8, you can make your next bet of $12, then $18 and so on. You are incrementing it by 50%. When you lose you may restart with $8. This is rather a safer way to control your losses while keep continue with winnings.

The Gamblers Fallacy:
Many of the new and old gamblers bear an illusion of having an intelligence to discern the pattern or foretell the next happening by some complex calculations. The fact is there is no such relevancy in any past or future bet that you play in a casino. Casinos only tickle this vanity of players by providing them with writing pads and even marquee system to help you do the calculations and find out the next possible hit. Because they know that there is no equation between two bets.

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