Soccer World Cup gambling to hit US $1 Billion!


The world cup is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the world, with everyone all over the world getting involved. The world cup tournament happens only once every four years and so when the tournament does begin, everyone goes into a frenzy. It's like Christmas but super intense.

The world cup tournament brings people together and businesses profits boom, especially businesses such as pubs and world cup merchandise stores. One of the major businesses though that does see a huge amount of profit is betting shops.

It’s a commonly known fact that people bet on countries to win throughout the world cup, and usually the amount of money spent on betting does surprise us, but nothing could have prepared us for the proposed amount that betting will hit this time around. Some betting agencies such as William Hill are estimating that this time the amount spent will be over one billion pounds and the United Kingdom are the ones who will surge this high figured betting.

To the betting shops this is all thanks to internet gambling and the ability for people to place bets on their favorites in the world cup tournament from the comfort of their own homes. Often, the thought of going down to a packed out betting shop and waiting in line can be a dreadful one and can often put people off, but thanks to internet betting, this is no longer an issue.

Another surprising factor about this world cup tournament betting statistics is that many people in the United Kingdom are not actually betting on England to win, but are also betting on other countries such as New Zealand to win. This is unusual for a country as patriotic as the United Kingdom but the owners of betting agencies are saying that this is only the beginning of the turn of events that is happening within the betting agencies at the moment.

Many are not only betting on other countries to win but also who will score the next goal, how many penalty shoot outs there will be and how many minutes over time there will be too. This is all a brand new way of world cup gambling and this could also be the reason as to why gambling amounts spent is going to break records this year.

The world cup is exciting for everyone, even for those who don’t enjoy football. But this year it would seem that the people who are going to be most excited about the world cup tournament are the betting shops as if England lose this year in the world cup, the betting shops will be raking in huge profits.

With so many people now betting on the world cup tournament it's not surprising that profits are soaring but some people can’t help but feel that the money being spent on this crazy betting could be better spent somewhere else. It doesn’t seem that this behavior is going to change in anyway though and profits are expected to exceed the one billion mark once the world cup tournament really goes full swing.