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3 Card Poker Gold Multihand


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Multihand 3 Card Poker Gold is a version of Microgaming’s 3 Card Poker that allows you to bet and play on up to five hands at once. There are some distinct advantages to this game versus the one-hand versions. For one, you get to see more of the cards on your side of the table, meaning that you can build a better mental picture of what the dealer has. If you have any experience with similar types of table games like blackjack or poker, you’ll better appreciate the huge advantage of knowing the table’s card distribution.

Apart from allowing players to play at up to five spots, this game has the dual playing options that its one-hand predecessor does; you can play the Pair Plus game and also play the Ante game, or you can just play one or the other. This is a great game for poker players who want to play a somewhat predictable card game against the house that doesn’t have the stress of blackjack or the wild betting patterns of holdem poker.

While you cannot trade cards with your other hands or view all of the simultaneously, you can still see your cards in each betting and playing round. Even if you simply bet the minimum for your first four hands and then actually play with your last hand, you see more cards and get to determine what else is left in the deck, giving you a better chance of figuring out what the dealer might have.

This game gives you the chance to essentially play as five people with one mind and one bankroll. Also, if you are already good at 3 Card Poker Gold, playing Multihand 3 Card Poker gold will give you the chance to get more hands in per hour. Be sure to make sure that you are a competent player before jumping into playing five spots at a time, since any advantage or disadvantage will be amplified by five.

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