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Cabin Fever


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Cabin Fever is a fun five reel game that has 20 paylines. On the surface, it looks almost like a five-reel fruit machine with a bear theme, but it operates like any typical multi payline slot. Allowable wager limits are extremely flexible, so you can play comfortably with a bankroll of any size. The primary symbols have various useful functions and can activate the free-spin game in which your earnings are doubled. Instead of a standard bonus game, Cabin Fever gives you a 50 percent chance to double every win that you get. This is a simpler 20-payline slot that offers many chances to effectively quadruple your base earnings.

Coin denominations can be as low as 1 cent or as high as 50 cents. You only need one coin to activate each of the 20 paylines, so you can technically activate all of them with 20 cents. The jackpot is 5,000 times the trigger bet, so you can spread your bets out over more paylines with smaller coins and increase your chances of winning without betting more than you are comfortable with. For intermediate slot players, a good place to start is at 5 cents per coin on all 20 paylines. The most you can bet at once is 10 coins per payline, bringing the maximum amount you can bet on a single spin to $100: pretty good for high rollers.

Like any good five-reel game, Cabin Fever has all of the scatter symbols, wilds and multipliers that you will find elsewhere. The scatter symbols activate the free-spin game in which you get as many as 20 free spins. The free spins pay you at twice the amount you would have been paid were you to win on your trigger bet.

In addition to the free-spin game, Cabin Fever has a bonus gamble feature. Whenever you win on a spin, the game prompts you to ask if you would like to go double or nothing on your prize. This option still works when you win double during a free-spin round, so you can effectively make four times as much as usual on a spin. It is the ability to stack your wins through bonus features that makes playing this game a real treat.

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