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Cutesy Pie


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Cutesy Pie is a three-reel slot game with a single payline and seven symbols. It is themed after a fluffy panda with a huge heart. The game has a slightly unconventional coin limit, and the betting range is a bit higher than those in other three-reel games. The jackpot is significantly higher than those in other classic slots due in part to the three-coin betting ceiling. When it comes down to it, Cutesy Pie is like any other three-reel, non-fruit slot, except it pays out much more handsomely.

There are no special symbols or icons in Cutesy Pie. However, the heart symbol counts as a win you when there is only one on the payline. The most basic icon is the heart, followed by a standard bar. Next, there is a doubled bar. The last bar icon has three on top of each other. There are also three 7 symbols, with the blue icon having the greatest value. Three blue 7s in a row is the top jackpot. There are no multipliers, wild symbols or scatter symbols, but this is a classic slot, so that is to be expected.

Most three reel, single payline slot games have a one-coin limit for each wager. Cutesy Pie actually allows you to bet three coins at once. In fact, the payout rates are highest when you bet three coins at once, so it is in your best interest to completely activate the payline, even if it means lowering the coin denomination amounts. Coin denominations start at 25 cents per coin and go as high as $5 per coin. As such, your maximum bet on any single spin is capped at $15.

Most three-reel games have jackpots set at around $8,000, but Cutesy Pie has its capped at roughly $37,500. You can still win quite a bit if you are only playing with one coin at a time, but you will start to see real returns when you max out the payline with three coins on each spin.

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