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Diamond Deal


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At a glance, Diamond Deal looks like any standard three-reel slot game. The theme is crisp and unremarkable, with a blue background and a symbol selection largely comprised of bars and cherries. Look a bit closer, however, and it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary three-reel game. Instead of having a single payline, this game has three. Every additional payline that you activate proportionately stacks the number of coins that you are paid when you win.

Microgaming also added a bonus game called the Diamond Deal Bonus, and it pays out at a maximum of 300 coins. This is one of the more exciting three-reel games that Microgaming has designed, but you really need to play with three coins on each spin if you want to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Each coin in Diamond Deal has a fixed value of $1. You can play with only one coin, but it is recommended that you play with three coins at once because you cannot activate the bonus game without doing so. The maximum jackpot is 3,000 coins when you bet the maximum, bringing the monetary total to a respectable $9,000. In contrast, the jackpots for spins with wagers of $1 and $2 are $500 and $2,000 respectively. Simply put, playing is only worth your while if you are willing to wager three coins on each spin.

The only unconventional symbols in Diamond Deal are the jewelry box and the blue diamond. The diamond icon serves two purposes. In its capacity as a normal symbol, it counts toward the primary jackpot. You can also use the diamond as a wild symbol that can take the place of anything but the jewelry box. The jewelry box is a symbol that activates the bonus game. After you have gotten four jewelry boxes, you open your box and are awarded anywhere from 50 coins to 300 coins. There is also an automatic spin option that you can format according to your playing style and wagering limits.

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