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Prime Property


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Prime Property is a non-progressive slot game that has five reels and 40 paylines. It has a real estate theme with potential homeowners, a real estate agent, a sign and several beautiful homes as its icons. Allowable betting units are not as large as in some other multi-payline slots, which actually works to your advantage.

The maximum jackpot is $15,000. The bonus feature is a multi-tiered free-spin game in which you can make more depending on various factors. This game should appeal to players who like the bonus features in mutli-payline games but who do not want to wager a great deal in order to win the biggest jackpots.

When you play Prime Property, you can bet as little as 1 cent or as much as $50 on a single spin. There are 40 paylines, so you need to bet at least one coin on each to activate all of them. You can bet as many as five coins on each payline, which brings your maximum bet to 200 coins (quite good for high rollers). One coin holds a value of between 1 cent and 25 cents.

The most that you can win on a single spin is $15,000, though the multipliers and bonus features might add to that if you get lucky. How much you win is dictated by how many coins you get. The maximum jackpot is 12,000 coins, so your win amount will be directly affected by the value you assign to each coin.

Like most five-reel games, Prime Property has a free-spin game. However, in this case, the free-spin game has bonus features. You activate the bonus game by getting at least three of the sign icons on your reels at the same time. Three signs will give you one free spin. Four signs will give you two spins and will multiply whatever you win by two. Lastly, five sign icons will give you three free spins and multiply whatever you win by three. You can re-trigger the free spins during your bonus sequence, so it is to your advantage to choose the size of your wagers appropriately.

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