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The Rat Pack


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The Rat Pack is an online slot game with a singing rat theme. Sinatra and his cohorts are depicted as suit-wearing rats with bowties and fedoras. With 30 paylines, it has more than the standard 20 or 25 for a five-reel game. The maximum jackpot is 100,000 coins, putting the top prize at around $25,000. There is not a special bonus game, but there is a free-spin game in which your trigger bet is effectively multiplied and matched.

You can bet as many as 300 coins, but you only need 30 coins to activate all of the paylines. The allowable betting units are flexible, so this is a game that you can comfortably play with pennies or twenties. The lack of a bonus game makes this a faster-paced video slot than most five-reel games, but determining how much you will bet takes more time and configuration than on three-reel games.

The minimum coin size starts at 1 cent and is capped at 25 cents. You need 30 coins of any size to activate all of the paylines, though the coin size must be the same for each payline. The maximum bet for a single spin is $75, or 300 25-cent coins. Depending on where you play the game, the jackpot is typically capped at around $25,000. Though this is not a progressive game, you can still win quite a bit when you figure in free spins and the special symbols.

Some of the symbols in the game include each of the five rats, standard face cards and the Rat Pack logo. Unlike in most games, this one has two wild symbols. The logo functions only in its capacity as a substitute for other symbols; the other is both a wild and a payout multiplier. The cymbals activate the free-spin game when you get three or more of them across any of the five reels.

In addition to giving you free spins, the cymbals allow you to nudge the reels when you are close to winning a big jackpot. It isn’t common to activate the free-spin game, but it pays quite handsomely when you do get it.

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